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In England, there is one specifically that should be considered a banner landmark, not only in London Escort Agency country but in all of Europe. Big Ben is the attraction that leaves first-time visitors speechless, and it continues to be that way.

Across the globe nations have competed, in terms of landmark erection. They were built throughout the last few centuries, and in different times depending on the region, due to varying and interchangeable degrees of prosperity. Recently Asia has been the site of an onslaught of skyscrapers and architectural wonders, with dozens built since the late 20th century. What Asia doesn’t have however is the traditional merit; the historic and wondrous monuments of Europe.

London escorts know how many steps are in the Big Ben Tower. There are three-hundred thirty four to be exact, although the trek upwards may seem much longer. Admission to Big Ben is 15 pounds, and it’s a great deal considering that an unforgettable experience awaits. Not only the view from up top, but the scene inside makes escorts in London delighted every time they’re there, and there can never be enough visits to the feature as far as most women are concerned. Museums are popular, but Big Ben has the uncanny capability of providing a museum experience within a single monument, particularly when tour guides explain the workings of the clock dials and pendulum, including a history of the clock tower as well.

Big Ben is part of the larger Palace of Westminster in London Escort Agency region, and it’s one of the reasons why there’s so much to take in on site. The majestic splendour of England radiates and can be felt by every cognisant visitor, as well as every ardent nationalist citizen of the area, which are numerous. The Westminster Bridge is what escorts in London quietly refer to as the most romantic locale in England. If a client can successfully harness the energy from this area, his paybacks are limitless, especially at the end of the night. London escorts have a knack for helping their guests sleep soundly, and they do this with a variety of methods, and alcohol is generally included.

Even the most foreign visitor to Big Ben can become captivated by it ability to arouse pro-British feelings, as the city’s regal aura at times can ooze from certain sites, like Westminster Abbey for example. London Escort Agency weep at every view of Westminster Abbey because that’s where Lady Spencer is buried. Patrons don’t need to avoid the area, but extra tissues are recommended. They shouldn’t take it personal either when escorts in London make extra trips to the washroom to apply make-up due to crying.